About Us

I was an ambitious and adventurous man. With a chock-a-block diary, a closet loaded with stunning clothes as well as a “terrific” work.

However deep down I had not been delighted with my life.
And I couldn’t work out why.

On paper my life looked excellent. I had great work. Professional recognition. An active social life. My social media accounts were full of photos of travel and celebrations. My friends would inform me I had all of it, yet privately I thought “if only you recognized”. I had a crippling absence of self-confidence and had utilized food, exercise and also work to numb myself for years.

Nothing could make up for the absence of self treatment as well as self love.

If your life looks excellent on paper yet really feels crap in the real world, we need to speak.

I’m John, The Self Care Trainer, specialising in helping people to achieve expert success with their individual health and also joy with their life.

It begins with welcoming your individuality, valuing your body and also creating a feeling of equilibrium so you can grow.

I can help you appreciate the success you have actually made every effort so difficult to attain without having to sacrifice your heart to locate it.

I spent my entire life aiming to be best, and it still wasn’t sufficient.

I looked to have the life most individuals imagine.

But in spite of external indicators of success I was coping anxiety, an eating condition and low self-confidence. My mood as well as whether it was a “good day” or “bad day” was so frequently figured out by what I ate or what the ranges claimed that I shed all feeling of reality sometimes.

I regularly compared myself to other people and also never ever felt I gauged up, both skillfully and directly. I stressed over every little thing I consumed, said, did, didn’t do– and I was worn down constantly.

It took a whole lot of spirit browsing, a number of round-the-world journeys as well as truck-load of self discovery, yet ultimately I understood my problem wasn’t my body, appearance or task …

My trouble was just how I really felt regarding myself.

The things I pursued really did not bring me happiness, because, underneath all the layers of ‘success’, I didn’t feel sufficient.

Keeping that realisation my life altered completely.

I lastly approved that I was and also made peace with myself and my body and assured myself progressing points would certainly be various, genuine this time around.

I began to enjoy my life instead of just exist.

As well as I guaranteed myself I ‘d help other people do the very same.

I realised that I really did not want various other people to get to the location of where they detest themselves as high as I had. I decided that I desired to aid them quit concealing and also start living also.

So I armed myself with the skills to make that occur. I found out as much regarding training, NLP, and Hypnotherapy as I could; I researched all the trademark programmes.

I currently deal with individuals – online, in-person and also internal – to aid them discover their very own stamina as well as sparkle, as well as to begin enjoying the skin, and life, they’re in.

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